Kianna Dy Loves Japan at the VNL 2024 Because They Move Like This Anime

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Kianna Dy, aka KKD of the PLDT High Speed Hitters was rooting for two teams in the VNL 2024: Brazil’s women’s team and Japan’s men’s team. ALL-STAR caught up with the opposite hitter and middle blocker at the VNL 2024 during the match between Japan and France at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

“It’s my first day to watch the VNL 2024 and I saw a couple of rallies, they were super intense!” said KKD. “The level of play here is super high, it’s fun to watch and see international players play volleyball.”

Every time Japan would score, KKD and her teammates would yell and dance in support of crowd favorite Japan, which has been getting overwhelming support from Filipinos who have packed the arena to watch Japan men’s national volleyball team, aka Ryujin Nippon, which means Dragon God of Japan.

But KKD’s love for Japanese volleyball goes all the way back to her childhood days when she would watch Haikyu, which played a big influence on her support of Ryujin Nippon. 

“I grew up watching Haikyu, and Japan plays very similar to Haikyu. Watching them play is just like watching Haikyu live. They play really well! They’re not the tallest players but their speed and plays are super nice to watch,” KKD told ALL-STAR.

What is Haikyu? 


Haikyu, a beloved manga and anime series, has captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts and anime fans alike. Created by Haruichi Furudate, the story follows Shoyo Hinata, a high school student with a fiery passion for volleyball despite his short stature. Inspired by the “Small Giant,” Hinata dreams of becoming a top player and joins Karasuno High School’s volleyball team.

Haikyu stands out for its realistic depiction of volleyball. The matches are intense, filled with strategic plays and breathtaking rallies, accurately capturing the sport’s intricacies. The animation brings these moments to life with stunning visuals and fluid motion, immersing viewers in the game. You can watch Haikyu uninterrupted on Netflix and Disney+ with high-speed internet plans from PLDT Home.

Japan closes its VNL Manila run on a high note

VNL Yuki Ishikawa
Yuki Ishikawa of Japan Men’s Volleyball Team during their match against France. Photo: VNL

On June 22, Japan bounced back from a two-set deficit against France, 17-25, 19-25, 25-16, 25-23, 15-10. And then on June 23, Ryujin Nipopon made history when they overpowered Team U.S.A. on June 23, sweeping their rivals 25-20, 25-23, 25-19, closing its VNL Manila leg run on a high note. It was the first time Japan’s men’s national volleyball team has beaten Team U.S.A. after meeting in 19 FIVB games. 

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