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The Run Star Trainer is a Celebration of Converse Heritage

The modern low-profile offering combines best-of-sport past with versatility for today’s lifestyle.

Running, Fencing, Volleyball, Wrestling. What do these have in common? They all served as inspiration for Converse’s all-new silhouette, the Run Star Trainer. Converse set sights on creating a new concept inspired by the past but designed for modern life – enabling new styling for those who value versatility, self-expression, and comfort.

A departure from many offerings in the Converse lineup, the Run Star Trainer synthesizes, and in turn, modernizes, components of Converse’s DNA, tapping the multiplicity of Converse’s sports history unknown to most. The new silhouette demonstrates prowess in pulling from familiar histories and styles, to reimagine its footwear from the ground up. The shoe even takes inspiration from modern artistry through different mediums such as pottery. 

Converse Run Star Trainer

The Run Star Trainer takes cues from nearly 20 heritage silhouettes, all of which were originally purpose-built for sports including karate, fencing, soccer, wrestling, triple jump…even, steeple chase. The outsole tread pattern is also conceptualized from the Chuck Taylor All Star, extended in an exaggerated fashion through the heel and is stamped with the Star logo of the Run Star Hike, first introduced in 2019.

Converse Run Star Trainer
Converse Run Star Trainer

Exploration has always been an essential component of the brand and has allowed for continued experiments in color, fit, material and proportion. The mix of materials in the Run Star Trainer—nylon, suede, and leather—offer the upper a rich dimensionality, with an array of bold color choices, including Golden Wren, Blue, Red, Egret and Black available at launch.

Converse Run Star Trainer

The silhouette was designed through a fresh take on fit, form and stance and joins a series of new product introductions from the brand in the last year.

The Converse Run Star Trainer will be available globally on July 8, 2024 at and July 15, 2024 via select retail stores with SRP of P4,290.

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