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Team Liquid Dispatches Falcon Esports, Secures Slot in MSC Semis

Team Liquid Philippines (formerly ECHO) showed Falcon Esports of Cambodia how a world champion plays as they closed out the best-of-five series 4-1 in the Knockout Stage of MSC 2024. 

In Games 1 and 2, Falcon Esports remained passive and failed to make plays, reacting to the sets laid out by Team Liquid. “Never go toe-to-toe with Liquid ECHO in a Turtle Dance,” caster Manjean Faldas proclaimed at the start of game 2. Not a single Turtle was secured by Falcon Esports throughout the first two games as Filipino jungler KarlTzy proved he is the Retribution god. Meanwhile, Jaypee’s Chip and Kaja provided team fight mobility and vision in Games 1 and 2, earning him MVP in Game 2. 

In Game 3, Falcon Esports started strong, picking off Sanji, Jaypee, and KarlTzy in the first five minutes. Faclon’s more aggressive play style in Game 3 allowed them to lead 15-6 by the 15th minute, with kill leader Dax on Ling and Beni on Harith, extending their lifeline 2-1 at the end of Game 3, dealing Team Liquid’s very first game loss in the MSC

Team Liquid had the first pick in Game 4, opening with Chip and a similar lineup with Game 1 as they used Edith for Exp, Valentina for the mid, Nathan for the gold lane, and Akai as KarlTzy’s utility jungler comfort pick, against Falcon’s Roger, Harith, Aurora, Ruby, and Minotaur.

Team Liquid closed out the series 4-1 with 11-0 kills in 11 minutes in Game 4, one of the fastest games in the MSC, sending Cambodia’s Falcon Esports home.

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