Team Secret’s Invy: My Parents Also Played in Computer Shops

“Taga L.A. ako talaga,” Adrian Reyes, aka Invy, shares on VCT Pacific’s Homegrown series. 

“L.A. means Lower Antipolo, which is the city I live in. Lower part, so it’s like a part of Metro Manila too,” he adds. 

Invy is Team Secret Valorant’s “genius” as his teammates describe him. He grew up in a household steeped in gaming culture. 

“Yung mom and dad ko dati nagko-computer shop din sila when they were in their 20s. Tas natutuwa sa akin yung Mama ko ngayon dahil yung nilalaro ko ngayon, parang Counter-Strike. Iyon kasi ang nilalaro nila dati sa childhood nila. Yung kuya ko rin naglalaro din dati, so parang gamer family din kami,” said Invy. 

(“My parents used to frequent computer shops when they were in their 20s. My mom is happy because I play a game similar to what she used to play, Counter-Strike. That’s the game of their childhood. My older brother also plays, so we’re a gamer family.”)

But there were times when Invy’s parents would tell him off for playing too much games. His grandmother, Lourdes Reyes, remembers those days well because she would be dragged into the gaming drama. 

“Noong bata pa lang siya kasi, pagka pinagagalitan siya ng mama niya na huwag mag computer, lumalayas siya sa kanila,” said Lourdes. “Naglalakad siya papunta sa amin. Kumbaga sasabihin niya, ‘Si Mama hindi na naman ako pinagagamit ng computer eh. Dito na lang ako.’”

(“When Invy was young and his mother would scold him and revoke his computer privileges, he would run away from home. He would walk to my house and say, ‘Mama doesn’t want me to play on the computer. I will stay here.’”)

Lourdes Reyes, Grandmother of Team Secret Valorant’s Invy

Lourdes Reyes, grandmother of Team Secret's Invy
Photo: VCT Pacific

One time, Invy’s aunt and grandmother told Invy he couldn’t play at their house either. So Invy did something very sneaky. 

“One time, his aunt told him he couldn’t play. But that was the time he had a game. We thought he wasn’t playing, but it turns out, he bought a long cable so he could hide his match from his aunt. He finds a way,” said Lourdes. 

Stubborn and headstrong, Invy would walk alone to the computer shop even as a kid. 

“Naalala ko lang palagi ako naglalakad papuntang computer shop, mag-isa ako. Mga 5 or 6 years old ako,” said Invy.

(“I can remember, I used to always walk to the computer shop alone. I was 5 or 6 years old.”)

His older brother was a big influence on his gaming life. He would tag along with his Kuya who would play with their neighbors after classes or on weekends. But it was his Uncle Jona who inspired him to play competitively. 

“It was my Tito Jona who introduced me to competitive gaming with esports component, which is CSGO. We were on a 3-month vacation at his house in Australia that time, and I played on my uncle’s PC,” said Invy. 

“Alam kong naging pangarap niya naging pangarap niya rin (maging pro player), pero masyado na siyang matanda para ma-achieve yung dream na iyon. Marami din siyang kinukwento sakin na nag tournaments din siya, so big influence din siya sa akin,” he added.

(“I know it was his dream to become a pro player but he’s too old to achieve that dream. He used to tell me a lot of stories about him joining tournaments, so he’s a big influence on me.”)

In 2016, Invy watched a tournament on CSGO during the ESL in Cologne. 

“Noong napanood ko iyon, sabi ko sa sarili ko, gusto ko rin maglaro sa ganoong stage in front of people,” said Invy. 

(“When I saw that, I told myself I would also be able to play on that kind of stage in front of people.”)

Invy was 10 years old at the time. But that dream would manifest in 2024 Predator League, in which Team Secret Valorant, aka Adobo Gang, took the championship. 

The Predator League was  Invy’s first international trophy and championship on the big stage. 

Right now, Invy and Team Secret Valorant are preparing for Stage 2 of VCT Pacific after suffering a loss to T1 on the opening day of the Playoffs on May 3.

Watch VCT Pacific’s ‘Homegrown’ below. 

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