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Blacklist’s Farewell Letter to OhMyV33nus

It is confirmed: Johnmar Villaluna, aka OhMyV33nus, has parted ways with Blacklist International. Her former team made the announcement on social media today, leaving fans shocked at the developments at the legacy team.

OhMyV33nus sparked rumors on the very early hours of July 4 when she subtly hinted her departure from her longtime esports team, saying “I left Tier One Entertainment and Blacklist International because I know I would settle if I choose to stay. When it’s time to go, ma-feel mo naman eh.“

Below is a farewell letter posted by Blacklist International for OhMyV33nus:

“To Ohmyv33nus,
Seeing your post this morning made us realize a lot of things and got us to a similar question… What is Blacklist International without OhMyV33nus? From entering as a new team in the MPL, to earning our first title in Season 7, then back-to-back in Season 8, to eventually becoming the best in the world in M3. 2021 was definitely the year of Blacklist International. The achievements didn’t stop there as we went on to win MPL Season 10 and got the gold at the South East Asian Games in 2022.
On top of all the achievements, what made everything special was how we completed our mission… Together. Our journey with you wasn’t purely about wins, it came with losses as well. From the finals of MSC 2021, to our failure to win back-to-back World Titles in M4 in 2023. We have lost and shared painful experiences with our agents who have followed us since the beginning of our journey. In spite of all these losses, nothing hurts more than the departure of a generational talent like you. You have shaped the competitive MLBB scene and have elevated the Blacklist International brand to what it is today.
Your legacy inside and outside the game will forever be etched in our history. For all those and more, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. With all that being said, what is Blacklist without OhMyV33nus?Some might say that we captured lightning in a bottle, and that we will never be able to reach the heights we achieved when we had the best duo in MLBB history. But the lessons we learned in the years we fought side by side will always be part of our playbook. You were instrumental in our road to all our championships.
You helped build our winning culture not just for yourself but for the future generation of Blacklist International players. And in carrying that culture through every challenge we face moving forward is our way of honoring the time we had together. Should we talk about the future? We don’t think we need to break this code right now because today is not about the future. Today is about recognizing what we have achieved together and thanking you for all the memories and lessons we shared along the way.
As you perfectly said, “I’m at this point in life right now na I know already there’s something more than this, a higher version of me deep within me. More than I’ve ever accomplished. So I left Tier One Entertainment and Blacklist International because I know I would settle if I choose to stay. When it’s time to go, ma feel mo naman eh.”As we all say internally in the company, “In Tier One, we never settle” and we expect nothing less from a Queen. We can’t wait to see you grow into that higher version you want for yourself outside of our squad and chase your dreams with the home you’ve built for yourself.
Home may be wherever you go, but Blacklist will always have its doors open for you.
Your forever home,
Blacklist International”

What’s next for OhMyV33nus?

Although no plans were announced about her next move, OhMyV33nus has expressed interest in the past about becoming a coach in the MPL. As for now, nothing is set in stone as teams have yet to announce their rosters for Season 14 of the MPL Philippines.

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