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Dogie Leaks ‘Rosters’ of MPL Teams: Here’s What He Has to Say

Naser Mollazehi, aka Dogie, likes to court controversy. On July 8, 2024, the esports impresario dropped bombshells on his Facebook page as he allegedly leaked the Season 14 rosters of MPL teams.

Dogie Leaks Rosters
Dogie Leaks Rosters
Dogie Leaks Rosters

There were some conflicts with Dogie’s claims and Blacklist’s announcement, particularly on Hadji’s team.

In a farewell post, Blacklist announced its main five roster had “officially signed off,” with an attached photo of Edward, OhMyV33nus, Wise, Hadji, and Oheb.

ALL-STAR reached out to Dogie to check the veracity of his claims about his roster revelations.

“Sa ranked games. Nakakasabay namin sila sa ranked games,” said Dogie.

Although nothing should be taken as official from his revelations, some of his posts were very accurate, to an extent, if matched with ALL-STAR‘s information from reliable and highly placed sources.

We asked about whether Dogie will still be a prominent figure in MPL Philippines Season 14.

“Ayun ang secret.”

It was well played and faithful to Dogie’s blunt honesty and controversial persona.

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